History by the Glass

Portland’s Past and Present Saloons, Bars and Taverns
by Paul Pintarich

history_2_largeAs Portland’s drinking scene evolves to the “hip, slick and cool” a second edition of the best selling History by the Glass is making its debut.

In this new and revised soft cover edition, new older bars, taverns and saloons have been added to some of the drinking favorites in the first book.

The essays are illustrated with photographs and directional maps providing easy reach for all those thirsty urban explorers young and old.

Pintarich was book critic for The Oregonian and since then has authored several books about his beloved hometown and its environs. Mike Ryerson, Northwest writer and columnist for the Northwest Examiner, once described the author as writer who knows well the art of spinning a tale.” Throughout this new book Pintarich compiles exciting local history, savory anecdotes and observations on more than 40 Portland-area taverns ranging from the intriguing and delightful Lighthouse Inn in Linnton with its immense treasures of marine collectibles to one of the city’s favorite haunts the triangular-shaped gem in the central core area, the Sandy Hut. And there are more equally exciting, funky and nostalgic places to enjoy.

There is more than one tavern that claims to have a permanent in-house ghost. There are some with a history of chilling, gruesome murders that occurred back in the early years of the past century.

For the sports minded patron some of the taverns still have shuffleboards and there are plenty with a pool table or two or three and sometimes for free.

These taverns provide many memorable moments for those who find pleasure in exchanging tales and other stories that make for long friendships. It’s a place that has no equal when it comes to comforting a weary soul after a long, tiring day at work or what sometimes is the drudgery of a dampened home life. And it refreshingly offers a chance to meet that special person who brings the magic to one’s life. All this can take place at the corner neighborhood tavern.

History by the Glass: Second Round
ISBN 13: 978-0-615-16005-4
5.5″ x 8.5″, 128 pages, $19.95