Oregon Rediscovered

by Joe Bianco

rediscovered_large“No single book can possibly describe the Oregon character in all of its many facets, both historical and contemporary. But Joe Bianco has captured the essence of the Oregon experience as well as anyone who has tried.” This was the opinion of one of Oregon’s leading historians, E. Kimbark MacColl, of Portland.

MacColl, an educational leader and prominent in his field, went on to describe the book as a “ fresh look at a much-traveled landscape and most especially its varied mix of peoples and their cultures.”

Bianco writes about how a big-city boy from the East Coast developed webbed feet because of the constant rain and loved it.

The book reveals the inner life of the state’s earliest inhabitants, the Native Americans. He visited many of the reservations and writes with tender feelings about them, particularly the Umatilla Indian Confederation in Pendleton,Oregon.

Bianco’s narrative moves freely, linking many cultures. He spends time with the Basques, descendants of very ancient people who date back some 12,000 years. The Basques moved here from the western Pyrenees between France and Spain. He examines their culture and writes about their successes not only as sheepherders but astute businessmen and politicians.

The book covers the unique tradition of covered bridges and some of the small Willamette Valley farming communities that became the home of scholarly Benedictine monks and world renowned pinot noir vineyards. He concludes his love affair with the state with the inclusion of a lengthy chapter on the vibrant and beautiful 400 mile coastline…a paradise for the traveler and sportsmen.

Oregon Rediscovered
ISBN 10: 0-9643408-0-1
6″ x 9″, 128 pages, $16.95