Portland Step-by-Step

by Joe Bianco
Edited by Art Chenoweth

portland_steps_largeThere are few major cities in the country where you can walk about freely and still feel safe, particularly in the downtown areas. Portland is one of them. Our neighboring metropolitan sister to the north, Seattle, is another. However, Portland’s smaller size gives it a more welcoming personality. Portland Step-by-Step gives one a walker’s eye view of this fascinating city.

Portland was founded on the Willamette River, which runs through the heart of the city. On one side are the tree-blanketed residential slopes of Portland’s West Hills with majestic views of Mt. Hood to the east and Mt. St. Helens to the north. On the east side of the city are many parks including one that contains the cone of an extinct volcano. Portland and the Cascade Range, which passes nearby, is part of the “ring of fire,” a chain of volcanic peaks that ring the Pacific Ocean from South America through Canada and Alaska to Japan and beyond.

Portland is rapidly becoming a destination-city for travelers as well as new residents. Despite its efforts in the past to discourage people from relocating here, the city is rapidly becoming a favorite for the younger generation. We may not be another San Francisco but we are certainly attracting many from the Bay area and elsewhere in California.

Portland Step by Step takes the reader and walker through many of the central city’s historic places as well as its hot entertainment and shopping districts. Portland, famous for its restaurants and nightlife, is just  90 minutes from the coast and an hour from the ski slopes of Mt. Hood. In between are the world-class vineyards of the Willamette Valley, offering the wine lover some of the finest pinot noir and other varieties that make it competitive among the masters in the industry.

The book contains photos and maps of the walks. The walks are designated by three classes: (A) easy;(B) slightly elevated : and (C) steep hills. Distances are also included.

Portland Step-by-Step: Second Edition
ISBN 10:0-9643408-6-0
6″ x 9″, 80 pages, $14.95