The Story Never Ends

A Memoir of a Newspaper Reporter
by Joe Bianco

The Story Never Ends by Joe Bianco, Bianco Publishing 2011Joe Bianco began his first day as a newspaper reporter without any formal training in journalism. He ended his lengthy career garnished with two national investigative journalism awards, a Pulitzer Prize nomination, an honorary doctorate of humane letters, a Peabody Award, and numerous other recognitions both national and international.

Gaining acclaim through sheer force of will and unabated curiosity, Bianco became known as a fierce investigator of society, politics, race, and the common man. Against the backdrop of a national socio-political stage in constant transformation, Bianco was a stalwart ‘journalist’s journalist’, unwilling to take no for an answer.
After years of experience as an award-winning reporter in Pennsylvania, Joe moved to Oregon and eventually stepped into editor’s shoes. He developed and directed one of the most highly respected newspaper magazines in the West, Northwest Magazine, published by The Oregonian. The magazine attracted high readership and many writers, some of whom went on to gain national reputation for their craft.
The Story Never Ends is a tale of hardship and perseverance—one man’s journey of discovering personal satisfaction and international notoriety through independent thought and action. It’s a tale for journalists and writers but also a lesson for everyone with curiosity, tenacity, and dreams. This story details what one regular person can truly accomplish when he sets his mind to it.

Praise for The Story Never Ends

“You encouraged me to submit articles. I did, you liked them, and that’s how we started working together. It was a formative time for me, and I will always appreciate the support you offered. …I gained a lot of confidence in our editorial back-and-forth.”
— Barry Lopez

“When I was starting my writing career in Portland in the late 70s, local freelance feature writers knew that the best place to get published was The Oregonian’s Northwest Magazine edited by Joe Bianco. It was a terrific supplement—nobody was going to get rich, but it was great exposure. Joe encouraged me and regularly helped me with my craft. Sometimes we sparred over copy—that’s part of the process—but the product he produced was always good…and popular with readers. Joe eventually moved on, and the magazine fell victim to budget cuts. Portland is a lesser place for it.”
— Larry Colton

“Northwest [Magazine] was a terrific magazine, catching the essence of Portland and, I think, the whole Pacific Northwest—vigorous, venturesome, and just downright damn interesting, 52 weeks a year. Need I say, the Bianco style of editing was welcoming to good writing, and —this is a rare compliment from a writer—he knew not only how to shape an article but when to leave well enough alone. I was always pleased and proud to be in the pages of Northwest, feeling almost like an honorary Oregonian.”
— Ivan Doig

The Story Never Ends
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  1. August 17, 2017

    I was just in my pantry and pulled out my Cooking Italian Cookbook. I met you years ago at the Oregon State Fair. Happy to hear you are still writing Joe and….cooking too?

    I have enjoyed your cookbook throughout the years and have enjoyed the stories about your family. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    Nora Schreck

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