Treasures Italian

Undiscovered Sites and Tastes of Northern Italy
by Joe Bianco

treasures_largeItaly-bound tourists invariably go to Tuscany and drool about Florence. And I can’t blame them. I have been to Italy many times and I, too, find Florence irresistible even though my Italian roots are farther south.

However, I got a real surprise when the Italian Government asked me and several other writers from around the country to take a look at the little known art cities up north in the region known as the Po Valley.

They are: Cremona, Mantova, Parma, Modena, Bologna, Ferrara and Ravenna. The Po Valley is a farmer’s dream. This is the land of parmigiano reggiano cheese; the jewel of vinegar, the balsamic variety; and the prized ham, the proscuitto di Parma.

The result of our brief journey was this treasured small book on the undiscovered sights and tastes of Northern Italy. The book, Treasures Italian gives the reader a quick insight into the profiles of one of Italy’s interesting and historic regions. Untapped by hordes of tourists this region contains some of Italy’s treasured music, food and personalities.

You will find the secret of Stradavari in Cremona, the art of Raphael, Giovanni Bellini and DaVinci in Mantova, And wait until you set your eyes on Parma and Modena and our beloved Bologna, all gifts await you. Then travel east in the crescent valley of the Po to the House of Este in Ferrara and to Ravenna once the center of Byzantine civilization in Italy.

This and Italian recipes from the homes of the region’s great chefs published here for the first time.


Treasures Italian
ISBN 10:0-9643408-5-2
5.5″ x 8″, 80 pages, $9.95